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AVSAC COVID-19 Policy for Appointments

We hope that you are staying healthy and safe while we navigate this global pandemic together.
WE ARE NOW IN OUR NEW HOME 2293 BROCKETT ROAD, TUCKER, GA 20084  Our phone, fax, and email addresses remain the same

Curbside Check-In/Check-Out

We are still taking measures to social distance as there are still people that are high risk in getting very sick from COVID and transmission has not stopped.  We are allowing ONE family (two people) along with the pet inside the building FOR APPOINTMENTS ONLY.  We ask that when you arrive you give us a call and we will let you know when it is ok to entery the building. Please know that EVERYONE MUST WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES.   We are still utilizing a Curbside Service Check-In / Check-Out for patients coming to the clinic for medication pick up.  Once we have reviewed your discharge instructions and medications, you should settle your bill AND schedule your follow up appointment before your leave.

Even though we have resumed in person visits,  we will still require EVERYONE to wear a mask.  If you would rather not come into the building, we will still provide curbside sevice.

iF your prefer not to wear a mask, we invite you to STAY IN YOUR CAR WHILE WE TAKE CARE OF YOUR PET. The key is stay in your car, call us to let us know you have arrived, and we will come to you.    Just to let us know you have arrived as well as the model and color of your car.

The key is stay in your car and we will come to you.
When you make your appointment,  we will verify your phone number, mailing address and email address.  PLEASE ALSO VERIFY YOUR CURRENT GENERAL PRACTICE HOME SO THAT WE CAN KEEP YOUR GP UP TO DATE WITH THE DIAGNOSTIC TESTS AND FINDINGS FOR YOUR PET. 

Please stay in your car AND CALL US.   770-936-8922 or 770-573-1645.   Dr. White will get your pet's medical history over the phone, then come get your pet to be evaluated in the clinic.   Your dog must be on a leash when we arrive at your vehicle; we will also be using a slip leash when taking your pet into the hospital (extra security in case your collar or leash fails!).  Please make sure your cat is secured in a carrier. Once the exam is complete, we will call you to discuss a treatment plan and provide a cost estimate (just like your regular appointment). Once diagnostics are completed and prescriptions prepared, we will return your pet and any dispensed medications to you at your car.  You can then call April to pay over the phone. The receipt and discharge instructions will be emailed to you.  

Be advised that we will likely be using these procedures for a while. This virus is here to stay and information about the virulence and risk continues to unfold. We endeavor to continue to protect you and your loved ones as well as us and our loved ones from the continued insidious spread of the virus.  It is my opinion that caution and safety are the most important part of the service AVSAC provides especially at this time and in spite of what others may do. IF YOU FEEL SICK OR HAVE BEEN AROUND SOMEONE WHO IS SICK, STAY HOME AND GET TESTED EVEN IF YOU ARE VACCINATED.



For those of you who prefer, we are implementing a telemedicine option FOR FOLLOW UP APPOINTMENTS.  Given the current guidelines for social distancing, this may be a reasonable option for you if you would prefer not to leave your home or when no one is available to bring the pet in for an examination but your pet needs care.  There are certain procedures that we will not be able to do (progress evaluation of ear or skin infections that require a cytology, medications given by injection, etc.) but video chats are surprisingly accurate and helpful.  This option is only open to clients whose pet has been seen at AVSAC in the past 6 months (a valid client-patient-veterinary relationship).  The cost of a telemedicine consult is $125 for a 45 min appointment. Doctor White may prescribe medications which can be picked up at the clinic with Curbside Pick-up, mailed to you (Priority mail), called into a local human pharmacy, or filled through our Online Pharmacy.  


All online pharmacies are experiencing a back log as well as shortages in availability of certain medications and food so it is important to PLAN AHEAD!   It is the unfortunate nature of the unexpected gravity of the pandemic as well as an increase in requests that have contributed to this shortage (as well as a bit of the “toilet paper run” syndrome). So please be patient, don’t wait until you are about out, AND CALL OR EMAIL US IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THE PRESCRITION.  If we have it “in – house” we are happy to mail it to you or deliver via curbside pick - up. SOMETIMES PICKING IT UP IS THE ONLY WAY TO GUARANTEE GETTING IT QUICKLY.
Medications and Food

* For clients picking up food and medications, you should arrange and pay over the phone with April ahead of time so that we can prepare the prescription and simply deliver it to you when you arrive.

*For routine prescriptions, please plan ahead and consider having your prescription delivered to you through our on-line pharmacy.  There is a link on this website .  Just click on the “Covetrus - Vets First  Choice On-line Pharmacy” button on the left side of the home page.   The button will take you to the website where you can register your pet then place  a request for the specific medication. Some prescriptions are taking over a week for delivery, however there is an option to expedite shipping.  As with our in-clinic pharmacy, we work hard to keep our on-line pharmacy prices competitive and we appreciate your business.  First time users can use code  welcome15 or shop15  for a 15% discount on your order.   

If you are ordering Blue Buffalo Alligator diet, PLEASE ORDER DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER. April set up a prescription for you when the food was first prescribed, but if you missed the "welcome to Blue Buffalo" email, you will have to contact Blue Buffalo directly to activate yoru prescription.    

Flea and Heartworm medication
Even if you and your pet are staying in, you should still be using a monthly flea and heartworm product.  If your pet is flea allergic, this practice should be year- round.  If you have missed some doses of prevention, get your pet bathed then get a treatment applied right away! Most monthly Heartworm preventatives help protect against intestinal parasites as well as Heartworm Disease. If you do not get your flea/ heartworm prevention from us, please reach out to your GP veterinarian to get this in place right away!

I know this is a lot to take in, but the bottom line is that I want you to know that we are available and want to be of assistance whenever and where ever we can.  This is a dynamic process that we are creating and adjusting as we see the need.  AND we are open to suggestions so if you have a special request please let us know.  This virus is going to be around for a while , even with the availability of a vaccine, and we want to make sure we keep our human family safe while we care for our four legged family members.

Stay safe!

...  and we look forward to seeing you soon!